Eat Crawlers

Black Ants 10g

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Our black ants are tasty and versatile. They pack a powerful slightly spicy punch which adds a unique flavour and texture to any dish.

Our packaging: Outer box, 100% recyclable. Inner plastic, home compostable.

All of our insects are raised for human consumption and are sourced from sustainable, ethical and reputable farms throughout Asia and are prepared with care, here in New Zealand.


Customer Reviews

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Jack Ingoff
I fear ants

Bought some and was so excited that I just dumped a bunch on my mouth. Interesting flavour 8/10 but I've been having stomach aches for the past few weeks. I now fear that the ants might've started a colony on my colon! I don't know what to do.

jack white
Really good time

I brought them to school. but we also tried getting our own. So we went outside and collected some but they were still moving. We put them in a box then we turned the gas on. Which killed all of them plus our teacher. Rip mrs davis fly high.

Tayler Richards
They hurt

My mouth hurts now but thats ok

It was good

Instead of buying these i just went into my garden and collected them myself. to kill them i sprayed pest spray all over them then i fed them to my daughter. They were pretty good but i recommend buying them instead of getting them yourself because my daughter is sick now


They were pretty yummy but one was still moving when I took it out of the box. The old knife did the trick though :)