Eat Crawlers

Chocolate Coated Crickets 10g

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Our crunchy roasted crickets dipped in delicious dark chocolate.

Approx. 25 Crickets.

Our packaging: Outer box, 100% recyclable. Inner plastic, home compostable.

All of our insects are raised for human consumption and are sourced from sustainable, ethical and reputable farms throughout Asia and are prepared with care, here in New Zealand.

Customer Reviews

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Nathan Ransfield
Yum yum

I am a classroom teacher and shared these with my kids! They loved them! Thanks again 🙌🏾

Cricket 🦗 protein

Once I got past the idea of crunching through legs n feelers the chocolate coated crickets were a bit like eating dry wheetbix with chocolate.. which was pallet able and if I had no other source of protein fairly easy to consume.
Made a great Xmas day controversy, who will try crawlies and why would you?
With clean water becoming more precious, it makes sense, with beef especially being a huge consumer and contaminator of water!, to farm and eat insects.
Apparently there's a legal tolerance of insect parts permitted in products like flour or biscuits! So everyone has possibly already consumed a steak equivalent of insect protein.
I would be interested in a savoury rather than sweet cricket perhaps with mushrooms or beans in a stir fry or onion sauce 😋

Pilar Thompson
Great treat

Enjoyed by all!

Stephanie C.
Thank you - From Rm 21 @ Hillpark School

Thank you so much for the chocolate crickets and lightly salted mixed insects. We really enjoyed tasting the different bugs. It was very kind of you to give us a variety for our class to try. They tasted like chocolate but the after taste was unusual. The children in our class who were brave enough to try them were very excited by the whole experience. Thank you again!

Leah Young
Super fun party game activity

Great for a kids 10th birthday. Surprising who was brave enough to try. Parents had a good laugh as well.