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Protein Pasta Powered by Crickets - Penne 250g

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This pasta has a best before date of 21/4/24.  It's absolutely fine to consume after this date.

We are proud to have developed a revolutionary pasta made using cricket flour under our new sister brand Tomorrow Foods. We wanted to create a pasta that is high in protein, tasty and sustainable. Cricket flour is naturally high in proteins, contains important vitamins, and is extremely efficient to produce. Using it in our pasta, allows us to boost the protein levels and other beneficial nutrients. Our pasta has a delicious nutty flavour profile and will quickly become the family favourite.

Check out this Protein Calculator - Daily Protein Intake Calculator


It requires minimal water to farm insects compared to traditional meats

Crickets are 12 times more efficient in converting feed to meat compared to cattle

Crickets produce 100 times less greenhouse gasses compared to beef

Customer Reviews

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Bianca Woyak

Protein Pasta Powered by Crickets - Penne 250g

Jacqueline Crawford
Education Pack

I bought the education pack to use in school during Tech week. I was inundated with students wanting to try the edible insects. I was surprised at the amount of interest that it had generated. Overall it was a really successful activity.

aden shillito
Cricket Protein Pasta

Fed three bowls of this to a hungry teen who loves pasta but would never eat a bug (even when they had chocolate on them!) and she just figured it was wholemeal pasta. Shown the box afterwards she simply said “Oh no!” but had enjoyed it just the same. I also thought it was a tasty wholegrain-ish pasta and didn’t figure it for the presence of crickets. Would happily buy again, but might not be able to trick her twice.

Oliver Liddell
Great flavour and texture

This cricket pasta has a great texture and subtle flavour. As someone who is sensitive to refined wheat products, the durum wheat base sat really well with me.


Tastes good - kind of like wholemeal pasta