Mango cricket smoothie

I've been following Emilie Filou's Buzzing blog for a while now and thought I'd try out her latest smoothie recipe for my breakfast this morning as Auckland heads back into level 3 lock down.

Our cricket flour is super fine, so it's perfect for things like smoothies.   My teenage son, who is still getting over the idea that I run a bug business, has no idea that his morning pancakes have a healthy dose of cricket flour added along with the cinnamon powder (to explain away the colour change).

So, here is Emilie's recipe: 

3 small frozen bananas (I freeze over-ripe bananas when I can’t be bothered to make another round of banana bread/muffins),

1 whole mango

A generous glug of milk

1 tablespoon of cricket powder

30 seconds in the food processor, and a squeeze of lime to finish.

It was absolutely delicious: creamy, wholesome, with a little zing. I must say that the cricket flavour was totally k-powed by the banana, mango and lime, but I suppose its point here is nutrition rather than flavour.