Eat Crawlers

Eat Crawlers - Scorpio Gift Bundle

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If you're looking for a gift for your Scorpio friend this year... you're in the right place. Known for their bite, people often forget that Scorpios have exquisite taste.    Scorpio traits include being BRAVE and FEARLESSLY CURIOUS.

So with this in mind, we've created these awesome Eat Crawlers gift packs, crammed full of all our scorpion products and our collectable merchandise. All packaged up in our drawstring bag.


1x Chocolate Coated Scorpions
1x Armour Tail Scorpions
1x Salted Caramel Scorpions
1x Scorpion Lollipop
1x Collectable Enamel Scorpion Pin
1x Set of 3 Collectable Stickers
1x Eat Crawlers 100% Cotton Drawstring Bag

Total value of $63.93, you pay ONLY $49.99!

*items may vary due to availability and will be substituted for an equal value product. (if you would like to request specific flavours / items please leave details in order notes)

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Sharon Tana
Scorpio gift bundle

I absolutely loved the goodies inside this bundle, did not disappoint 🤤