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Chocolate Coated Grasshoppers 10g

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Our crunchy roasted grasshoppers dipped in delicious dark chocolate.

Approx. 20 (to be adjusted)

* Please note, if you've ordered these in the past, our current stock of grasshoppers are much larger then usual.*

Our packaging: Outer box, 100% recyclable. Inner plastic, home compostable.

All of our insects are raised for human consumption and are sourced from sustainable, ethical and reputable farms throughout Asia and are prepared with care, here in New Zealand.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nicola Marwick
Chocolate Grasshoppers

They were great. Thanks for the speedy delivery.

Diana Marks
I was surprised that most people tried them, including some very fussy kids

It was really interesting to try them. However it was a bit like eating chocolate coated hay. They had no particular flavour and they were very inoffensive. However the whole experience was a little too austere for anybody to go back for seconds.

I gave some crickets to my 12 year old nephew who delightedly tried then and shared them around. I felt they were a more edible insect. More flavour and less of a leggy/ dried stick sort of experience.

Thanks - we did enjoy trying them but probably not in a way that will see us going back for more.

Lee Jansen
Christmas gift

Everyone loved these. Bit freaked out to try but went down a treat