Cricket Pasta & Flour in stock NOW!

We have expanded our range of Crawlers Edible Insects, to include new CRICKET PASTA and CRICKET FLOUR.

Our gluten free Cricket Pasta is made from 10% Cricket Flour and rice flour, which is super high in protein, calcium, iron, B12 vitamin and many other essential vitamins.
The pasta has a nutty smell of sweet almonds and tastes great.

Our Cricket Flour is 100% ground crickets. It can be substituted in any recipe that you want to add an extra health kick to.

Crawlers is the sole distributor and retailer of these new additions, and they are selling out fast! So get in quick. 

Shop our edible insect range HERE!


Hi I’m interested in your products, do you have a retail outlet in ChCh that sells them?

Jess May 06, 2017

Where can I purchase a box of CRICKET. PASTA.. I HAVE FINISHED MY FIRST BOX.
BOUGHT AT THE LA CIGALE MARKET? Is it still sold there?

TRish April 01, 2017

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